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"A writer must teach himself that the basest of all things is to be afraid." William Faulkner.

My goals as a writer are to write two books a year...I have met those goals for two years in a row!
Holding Silk is my newest release, and I will tell you that although I'm proud of all my books...I'm most proud of this one. It touches my heart.

I'm on a roll. 

I can't stop writing...after so many years of being "afraid" to write - or rather to put my writing to paper - I'm not afraid any more. I feel free.

Yes, I still feel vulnerable...tentative...worried, but no longer afraid.

As William Faulkner put it, being afraid is the basest of all things for a writer, because it stifles you, keeps you from taking chances, censors you...and worst of all, silences you. 

Maybe it's my age...maybe it's wisdom I've developed somewhere along the way...or maybe it is just that I'm tired of being afraid to set free all the wonderful characters and their stories that live in what I like to call "rooms" inside my head because other people won't like them, or the way I tell their stories. 

One by one I'm opening the doors to those rooms, setting my fingers to the keyboard, and letting those characters tell their stories. I can't's exhilarating.

Do I want readers to like those stories?  Yes, of course, I do...more than anything.  But I will not allow my fear of criticism stop me from writing any more.

There's a new environment within the publishing industry.  Writers do not have to wait...and wait...and wait...for a so-called expert to decide if those characters in their head are allowed out.  I want to sell books, but if I sell one or two or two million, I've done what I want to do.  I've told the stories I want to tell, without anyone else saying I can or I can't be published. I've proven that I can be published.

I have often wondered about William Faulkner's quote.  I've thought to myself, "Okay, so how does a writer stop being afraid?"

I know now.

Thanks, Mr. Faulkner, for the advice...


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