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Joshua's Ring  Listen to my interview with Pat Farnack of WCBS Radio NY about Joshua's Ring:

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Joshua's Ring is an amazing story about a very special young boy that God called home earlier than his family and friends were ready for. His story is truely remarkable to me because of the courage, strength, and faith Josh shows, not only throughout his life, but especially during the time when he gets sick. The story shares heart-warming experiences of Josh's involvement in people's lives that are often unexplainable. Experiences that show how much Josh loves people and how he understands the beauty of life. He somehow embraces this life-threatening disease and becomes comfortable with it, while his family and friends seem to be suffering more than him. Joshua Wilker has truely been filled by the Holy Spirit in his life and today continues to use the Holy Spirit to help people who are suffering. Thank you Josh, for caring so much about others, and showing us how to love unconditionally the way God wants us to. God Bless you Josh! CW

Anyone who has lost a loved one will find comfort in this book. Authors Joe and Rose Wilker share an incredible story with the world, and the memory of a very special boy. It's a gift.

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This is a story of most of all love, the kind of love that transcends death. Rose and Joe Wilker's reason for wanting this story told is to help others who have "lost" loved ones realize that they have not been lost at all, but rather have moved to a different place - a place where they are free of the anxieties of this world and in a new home where they can still be with us and more importantly also with God.


Rose Wilker (r) & Marie Duess sign copies of Joshua's Ring at a book launch hosted by Carolyn Flynn in Yardley, PA, on June 6th.  More than 200 copies were sold on site. 

In the early spring of 2005, there was a message on my answering machine from Rose Wilker, a friend from the elementary school my children had attended years before. Rose and her husband Joe had lost their eldest son, Josh, to leukemia a few years before the call. We had not kept in touch much after that.

I procrastinated in returning the call. It was a busy time for me. I was working full time, serving on several non-profit boards and committees, helping my own family through a time of grieving after the death of my sister-in-law, and as the days went by, I forgot to call Rose.

Then one day I was rearranging a book shelf when a small piece of paper floated off the shelf and onto my foot. It was Joshua's memorial card.

I called Rose immediately.

She asked me to write a book about Josh, about the strange and beautiful signs that were being sent to them letting them know that Josh was okay and in many ways still with them.

I began the book in the summer of 2006, and then I had to put it away. I started a new and very demanding job, and time slipped away without me going back to the manuscript.

Now I have finished it and I think it may be my best work. Joshua was patient waiting for me to get his story told.  He was a beautiful boy, and he is as beautiful now as he was when he walked the earth. 

Very special thanks to Kathleen Pisauro, my copy editor on this book - who is always right - you're a good friend and a great editor. Your students are very fortunate to have you...I know I am.
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