Marie Murphy Duess ...
History author, novelist, freelance writer, graphic artist, and marketing specialist come


The Prescott Club
A coming-of-age novel about the son of a blue collar worker who gets a job after school at the local restaurant run by a friend of his father...a big, burly 300-pound chef with a heart as big as he is.
Freddie is both amused and confused by the cast of characters who work or frequent the Prescott Club, but he takes their stories with him
for the rest of his life.
Sometimes the lessons we learn about life come from the least likely people.

Silent Weeping
When a young woman becomes deaf, she finds that the world she once knew is very different from what she had thought.
It takes the love of a wounded and shell-shocked World War I veteran to help her learn to trust again.


Winking Back at God
Validating the God-Incidences in Our lives
Do you know what a God-Wink is? 
Have you ever experienced those weird coincidences that are very difficult to understand, and usually have something to do with someone who has passed from this world into the next...or at least it seems that way?
Winking Back at God is a collection of stories from people who live all over the world, and who wanted to share their God-Winks and how important those moments were in their lives.


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